Tokyo Orienteering 2023

Let’s go sightseeing around Tokyo with international friends in the 2023 Tokyo Orienteering!!!
Greetings! We are SAGE, one of Tokyo Tech’s organization for international exchange, and we are organizing an event called Tokyo Orienteering that will take place on the 23rd of April 2023.
In this event, participants in groups of 4 or 5 will get to use the one-day Tokyo Metro Pass to solve exciting missions that will draw you to various locations in the city. Groups will be divided to maximize diversity and ensure interesting interactions between participants. After a long day of exploration, we will return to Taki Plaza for an after party where you can spend more time with your newly-made friends!
But what if I can’t communicate in Japanese?
Not to worry! You can enjoy this event even if you’re not confident in your language abilities.
Take your first step towards international exchange in Tokyo Tech with SAGE!
We look forward to your participation!
we will hold this event based on the following policies of Tokyo tech against COVID-19 at the designated event date
please click the like following for details
Date 23rd April (Sun)
Meeting Place Taki Plaza 09:30 After Party 17:00
Fee Tokyo Metro Pass ¥600 (Purchasable through ticket machines at any Tokyo Metro stations)
Registration Deadline 15th of April (Sat)
Please register through the link below

4月23日(日)にTokyo Orienteering 2023が開催されます!東京メトロパスを使って観光の手助けとなるような簡単なミッションを4,5人のグループで解きながら東京を観光するイベントです。


集合場所 日時
滝プラザ 集合9:15
アイスブレイクと説明 9:30〜10:00
東京オリエンテーリング 10:00〜17:00
懇親会 18:00〜20:00