Taki Plaza B2FでTaki Plaza Barという国際交流イベントを開催します!!今回のテーマは「東南アジア」。東南アジアの文化に触れながら国際交流してみませんか?
・7/22(金)18:30~20:00 Taki Plaza B2F

「Taki Plaza Bar in South-East Asia」
On July 22, we are hosting an international exchange event called “Taki Plaza Bar” at Taki Plaza B2F! The program will have events with a South-East Asian theme but everyone can participate!! Would you like to interact with international students while experiencing South-East Asian culture?
South-East Asian refreshments will be provided on the day of the event. Please drop by!!
・7/22(Fri) 18:30~20:00 at Taki Plaza B2F
・No registration is required.
・There is a possibility that the number of visitors may be limited on the day of the event.
・please cooperate with the infection control measures specified by TPG.